First things first when getting started. We help you be the best business you can be, and that means branding. Business name, logo, taglines, style guides, website – we got you covered!


We work closely with you to craft the ideal strategy, setting your brand up for success. Social Media Marketing, Spokane Restaurant Marketing and Design, Photography, Print Ads – You name it, we handle it.


Want to get noticed NOW? We utilize every tool available to us to draw attention to your business, quickly. Your name will be out there across all platforms and all media in no time!

It’s All About You…

No matter what your needs are when you walk in the door, you will walk out  with a new friend and partner! Our team strives to provide the best personalized service possible. Although we handle all the services you can think of, we want you to feel that personal “touch” that can be so hard to find.


Restaurant Owner?

Spokane restaurant marketing and design is our bread and butter here at Kraken. With decades of combined experience in the industry as chefs, owners, and most importantly, designers, we  promise the best! Most of all, we know how to find that special something in each restaurant, harness it, and push you to your full potential!


Reach Your Audience!

It is easy to feel lost in the modern world of Marketing and Design. Social Media Marketing, SEO, Print Design, Google Adwords, Retargetting Ads… The list goes on. Focus on what you know. Leave Marketing and Design to the professionals!

Social Media Marketing

Get your brand out there. Across all platforms and across the world, get your name heard loud and clear – shout it from the rooftops!

Web Design

Anybody who’s anybody needs a website. We help you get your next venture underway – and lookin’ gooood!


Get off on the right track with a solid plan. With the right branding, your business could be up there with the best of them!

Print Design

Print to impress. Your new band poster, event flyer, or restaurant menu could be your ticket to success, so make it count!